Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Pictures Merry Christmas to Me!

Okay so if you've seen all the pictures on my blog you can probably tell that we had family pictures taken. I should have done a slide show but I didn't have time last night and my Mom wanted to see the pictures so I put them up fast for her. Below are some of our favorites! Of course it was a horribly hard thing to do. Thanks to Sam for letting me do it and for my sisters for helping get all the smiles in the right direction! Love you all! This is my main Christmas present!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Even more Picts!

More pictures for you Mom

More Picts

Adorable Babies

Here are my adorable babies!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Video for Grandma Lu!

Here is Kylie doing her back flip on the tramp for Grandma Lu! She is very proud of herself!

Gabe's $11.00 Tree!

On Saturday we set out to find this year's perfect tree! We searched to find something that was decent and not a million dollars. That proved to be quite challenging. (I know buying a fake is so much cheaper, but it's just not the same as a real tree! I'm not willing to sacrifice that yet. ) It wasn't as cold as year's past. We were going to cut it down but decided to just go to the corner lot. We let the kids loose and they immediately found $75 trees that were beautiful! Then Gabe came running over hysterical (as only Gabe gets when he's excited) and pulled me over to his find. He just knew he had the perfect tree and it was only 11.00. As you can imagine it was a sight to behold. It wasn't even taller then Gabe! He was most proud of that fact. We just had to buy it. He was sooo excited about it. Then we searched for something a little less than 75 dollars. Derik found a great 45 dollar tree. It wasn't too much at the lot but when we got it home it was perfect for our spot! It's a beautiful tree. The boys now have a decorated "real" Christmas tree in their room. They have made signs directing Santa downstairs and into their room to their tree. I don't know if Santa will leave their presents by their tree or not! We'll have to see on Christmas morning! (I'll post some pictures of their decorated tree later. We still have to decorate the big tree.) Our holidays have started out really fun. Have fun decorating everyone!