Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Resident American Idol

Cole loves American Idol. I'm afraid to say that I think he has chosen Adam to emulate. Here is his audition.

Shane can walk!

Shane is walking! He started to walk when Grandma Lu and Grandpa Rik came out for spring break, but was only taking one or two steps and then falling. He got so sick with pneumonia that he was too weak for a while to walk, now he's back and walking sooo cute! He's off balance all the time but manages to keep going! Here's a little glimpse...

Kylie's show!

Here's another fun thing that Kylie did that I missed blogging about. She got to perform at a BYU gymnasts meet with her gymnastics team! She is quite the little gymnast!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gabe's First Paycheck

Gabe checked the mail everyday for several weeks until he finally got his first pay check! Here he is wanting to rip into it but posing for me so I can get a "before" shot!

Here's the check. He is still confused why it isn't exactly 100.00. He is not a fan of taxes!

He has since gotten another paycheck and has "worked" a total of three recording sessions! He loves it. We've managed to open a CD for him and have most of his money in there. He understands that if he waits a long time to spend it, he'll have more to spend! For those of you who don't know what his "work" is, he is helping the church to record scripture stories! I'll send you all the link when it goes "public"!