Tuesday, October 6, 2009

General Conference

We loved listening to conference, it's always so uplifting and inspiring. (When we can hear!) I always think I can do everything afterward, then reality sets in and I yell at the kids. But it's always a great boost! My favorite was Elder Holland. (If that's ok to have a favorite!) What an amazing testimony of the BOM. It's such an inspiring book. I feel like it forces me to do good whenever I consistently read from it! Anyway, we decided to "pitch our tent" to the Prophets so we could listen better. I'm not sure that the kids were more reverent but it was fun and they did pretty good! Here are some pictures of our tent!

By Saturday afternoon we'd had all we could handle of listening with kids running around so we decided to go up over the Alpine Loop and listen to conference in the car. (The kids can't run around strapped down!!) Our radio cut out for part of it, but all in all, it was a really fun outing! The leaves are beautiful and we stopped to take a few pictures! Here are some highlights.

Shane and I trying to keep warm!
Cole not so happy about being in the car!
Someone was kind enough to take our picture for us!

Here is a picture that Derik took for his contest at school, "Beauty Is..." I think it's a beautiful picture!
We lost Shane about half way over the mountain! It was a much needed nap for all of us in such close quarters!

Ky and I had to find a "pretty red" tree to take our picture in front of!

She is such a cutie!

Here is Cole as king of the Rock!
We really had a fun time. Derik took tons of pictures! It was an adventure to remember!