Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally Ky's first day of preschool!

Here is her sweet bag! It says Kylie on it and everything.

Her favorite thing so far is "vehicle time" aka physical time. "I get to yell as loud as I can! And run around everywhere!" Does that sound like one of our kids or what? Thank goodness for recess.

She has been waiting since August for this day to come! She loved sit and wishes it was longer each day!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Here is a slide show of picts from the beach! Good old Fort Bragg. Can life get any better?

First Snow Already!

Gabe is distraught that his "fort" isn't big enough to hide behind! Better luck next snow.

Derik made a "fort" to hide behind. I think he needed more snow too!

Here is Kylie posing in the snow!

Here is Cole playing in his first snow! I can't believe that it snowed so early in October but it melted by dinner so all is well!

Shane is four months

Shane will be five months old on November 1st but here he is at four months. I can't believe the time has gone by so fast!

Flag Football

Derik has been waiting his "whole life" to play football and finally was able to play this fall. Here is a hand off that he ran back for a touchdown! He had a blast and scored 8 touchdowns with three dives into the endzone for added enterainment! We love watching him.

More pumpkins

Here is the cutting of the first pumpkin.
Of course it was Deriks!

He's ready to cut!


This year we decided to plant some pumpkins with the help of Grandma Lu. Little did we know that they would take over the whole front yard and wrap around into the back yard! But the kids loved finding new little pumpkins everyday. All in all we had 8 mature and seem to be carvable! The kids picked their pumpkins early on and Shane's ended up being the biggest. I took pictures of the older kids and their pumpkins. I'll post them all when we have carved them!

Tigger and Pooh

Cole and Shane are going to be Tigger and Pooh for Halloween! They are old costumes from Derik and Gabe but they couldn't be more perfect! Cole is Tigger and 'boings' little shane all the time. I couldn't wait until Halloween. Here is a preview picture! Cole is playing his part right on cue for the camera. Look out Shane!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here are the pumpkins shirts that Nonna and I made for all the kids. We found this idea in Family Fun Magazine and had a blast tye-dying them and drawing faces on them! Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Team Eaquinto

After 30 minutes of discussion the only name we can come up with for our blog is Team Eaquinto. It fits for now. Cougar Factory was discussed. Sports are Us and Two gymnasts among men were also mentioned. Seven is Enough almost took the cake, but I guess Team Eaquinto will have to work for now. I suppose this is where I introduce our family. (I really want to post this message and get on with decorating the blog! I want to make it all cute and fancy so the intro will have to be short.) Sam and I got married on June 21, 1997. Hard to believe that it was that long ago! We have four incredibly good looking boys and one beautiful daughter. Yes five children! There is never a dull moment in our house except maybe in the middle of the night if no babies are crying! The kids keep us very busy. Derik has done Soccer, baseball, golf, and now flag football. At one point he was doing three sports at a time! That was a busy month! Gabe is a great soccer player and rocks at baseball! Kylie is the gymnast of our family. She does ballet too! She tried her hand at soccer this fall and loved that too! At first she just ran down the field laughing and beating everyone to the goal but didn't do anything. After a pep talk from her aunt she went crazy and scored 7 goals in one game. Of course it was the game we missed! She loves that she is on a commercial for her gymnastics. The two babies are just dragged around from this to that but they are good to go along with everything! That's a little intro to our family!